23 Jul 2015

When I was researching for my artwork Nutrice,  an installation based on seven different cereals, I went deeper and deeper in the knowledge of  grains  and their history.

The west civilization was built mostly on 

wheat. Grains represent 65% of our agriculture. We eat more wheat than just about anything.The...

8 Jul 2015

Thanks to a suggestion of a dear friend of mine, I've just got a copy of this little jewel: The Geometry of pasta

This book is a great example how well a contemporary design can match the Italian pasta tradition.

Geometry, history and recipes, is what you will find browsing through the pages of this par...

20 Jun 2015

I like starting this blog with something that reminds me my childhood and the loud and lively street markets of my natal region, Puglia. Whenever I taste lupini I picture my grandfather bringing home a bag of them sold by street vendors. His task, after hanging out with old friends, strolling along "la Villa" (the public c...