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Our workshops are not only fun and sociable, but also provide a foundation for scientific and nutritional knowledge. This knowledge, combined with a hands-on application, enables each individual to explore their own creativity.

One of the best things about the Mediterranean diet, especially southern Italian food, aside from being delicious, is that it’s so simple! At Pastamadre Workshops we reevaluate traditional home-style cooking by keeping things simple, playing with a few high-quality ingredients, and bringing the best out of them! 


Discover methods and techniques how to make Italian sourdough pizza at home. The classes are a mix of scientific and hands-on demonstrations.

You'll learn:


  • the science behind the best Italian pizza

  • how to refresh and maintain healthy your sourdough culture

  • how to orient yourself when choosing flour for a pizza dough 

  • how to knead a pizza dough by hand

  • how to shape a dough into a pizza by hand 

  • tips and tricks for baking delicious homemade pizza 

We will finish tasting our sourdough pizza, just out of the oven!
You will also take a jar of sourdough and your own pizza dough with you in order to practise your "pizzaiolo" (pizza maker) skills at home.

 types of workshops

Life is a combination of magic and pasta (Federico Fellini)

For everyone, from beginners to accomplished home cooks, the classes are a mix of demonstration and hands-on participation.

You'll learn:

  • the science behind the best fresh Italian pasta 

  • how to orient yourself in the peculiar flour classification system

  • how to knead a pasta dough by hand

  • how to create some of the most traditional fresh pasta shapes

  • how to prepare a simple and tasty sauce

  • how to cook fresh pasta

  • all the Italian cooking secrets in order to make fresh homemade pasta on your own

We will finish with a lovely dinner including a seasonal salad, homemade sourdough bread and wine.


Discover the unique flavours and health benefits of sourdough baking. The classes are a mix of scientific and

hands-on demonstrations.

You'll learn:


  • the basic biology and chemistry of sourdough

  • how to prepare your own sourdough starter

  • how to refresh and maintain healthy your sourdough culture

  • how to use a sourdough starter to make bread

  • how to knead a bread dough by hand

  • all the fundamentals of baking sourdough bread 

From our workshop, you will take home a jar of sourdough and your own bread dough with you, along with new knowledge and confidence, in order to continue your personal "sourdough-bread-adventure" at home.

fresh-homemade  italian pasta + dinner

sourdough  bread

sourdough  pizza 

We also organize private workshops for groups. Feel free to contacs us for any information!

"born naturally sweet"

Looking for a great present for that special someone? A Pastamadre voucher makes the perfect present for any food lovers out there!!

Sweets are one of the biggest pleasures in our lives, but their high quantity of sugar and fat make them unhealthy for frequent consumption. At our "Born Naturally Sweet" workshop you will finally find out how to satisfy your senses and at the same time to nourish your body.

You'll learn:​

  • how sugar and its traditional substitutes affect our health

  • ​practical tricks to reduce your daily sugar consumption

  • to use the sweetness of natural foods

  • ​to prepare a simple "Born Naturally Sweet" 


You will leave excited to see how easy and satisfying could be baking without adding any sugar or sugar substitutes is!


food for body care

Amazing ideas for cool kids toys you can make yourself with ingredients that you usually have in your kitchen!!

Natural, non-toxic, eco-friendly and really cheap, they are a joy and a lot of fun for children and adults. At our "Zauberteig" workshop you will discover how easy is to engage your kids by transforming food in a magic and playful material.

You will learn how to make:

  • play dough 

  • edible paint

  • natural glue

The workshop is designed for children (4-10 years old) and adults.

Discover alternative uses for food besides eating! The conventional beauty care products are full of dangerous chemicals and synthetic additives which are, harmful for our health and our environment: come and learn how easy and fun it could be to make your own natural body care products with ingredients that you usually have in your kitchen!

You will learn:

  • simple recipes for how to clean and cure your face, hair and body

  • how to save money and to respect the environment

You will leave with a full pack of tips and home remedies, perfect to enhance your personal unique beauty with!

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