food chemistry aperitivo

An enormous amount of news about food and diets hit us through media and social interactions. We would like to utilize this information in our daily life and to establish

dietary habits that work best for our biological and psychological health, but first we need to understand and then to filter what others tell us.

Food Chemistry Aperitivo is the effort to communicate to non-experts basic food chemistry and how this translates to health and disease. A variety of topics covering food composition and metabolism will be presented in a relaxed atmosphere.
You will learn which are the molecules of life, where we find them, why we need them, how we process them, what can go wrong with them.

An Aperitivo including homemade food and wine will follow the presentations.

From ancient civilizations to modern diseases

Carbohydrates fed largely ancient civilizations to grow and flourish but nowadays they are accused

for the obesity epidemic.

Let’s explore the sweet world of carbohydrates and sugars and learn:

  • the differences between simple and complex carbs and their nutritional value

  • the carbohydrate content of foods

  • how can be incorporated in a balanced diet

  • what about natural and artificial sweeteners

Afterwards, we will enjoy a Pastamadre Aperitivo (details will be announced in advance)!

We also organize private workshops for groups. Feel free to contacs us for any information!

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