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Sourdough Pancakes!

Since many of you bake bread sporadically, but I know you would love to use your sourdough most frequently, I have found an alternative way for using sourdough by making delicious pancakes! You can make really quick pancakes with just few ingredients and thanks to your sourdough they will be light, healthy and incredibly tasty. All you have to do is just to prepare a batter by mixing a portion of your starter with water and flour. I usually use whole wheat flour to enhance the taste and the health benefits and I use 200 gr circa of flour for 5-6 pancakes. Add enough water to make a smooth batter.

Let it ferment overnight or at least for a few hours.

When is bubbling, add olive oil (a couple of spoons every 200 gr circa of flour) and if you like sugar, cinnamon (for sweet pancakes) or salt (for savory pancakes). If you like them extra fluffy add also a little baking soda (about 1 teaspoon every 200 gr circa of flour), which will produce extra bubbles by reacting with the lactic acid of the sourdough.

Mix everything and put a full spoon of batter to cook in a heated pan. I don't really need to oil my pan (my secret is a good pan and cooking in high heat), but if it sticks use few drops of oil or a little butter. Cook few minutes every side until browned.

Then enjoy it!!

You can cover your pancakes with sweet syrup, yogurt, jam, fruits or whatever your creativity and taste buds suggest. Anyway they will be delicious, nutritious and light.

I make also savory pancakes by grating vegetables, such a radishes, carrots, zucchini, onions, potatoes, or really anything, into the batter raw. Sometimes I also add a beaten egg or two.

There is no exact recipe to follow. Just follow your imagination: mix, try, taste, love and create!

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