Sourdough Potato Focaccia with Marzanino Tomatoes


Two words are enough to describe this focaccia: super soft.

The recipe is inspired by the classic "focaccia pugliese" recipe, but I replaced the brewer's yeast with sourdough. I also reduced the amount of oil in the dough (so you can easily devour half a pan in two hours as I did, without too much guilt), the important thing is to grease the pan very well. This is an essential step to ensure the softness and typical olive aroma that make this focaccia incredible. Oh, and of course the quality of the oil is essential, strictly extra virgin olive oil.

The softness comes from the potato, which is boiled and then mashed and added to the dough. Calculate 6 hours of preparation in all. Other ingredients that make this focaccia different from all the others you have eaten are: re-milled semolina, a must in southern Italian recipes, and cherry tomatoes, which are mixed with oil, salt and pepper and left to macerate. The emulsion between the water from the tomatoes and the oil from the dressing is used to season the focaccia before baking.

As always, Pastamadre is not here to give you rules to follow, but inspiration and advice to find your own method. (In any case, I recommend you try this recipe because it was really good)!

INGREDIENTS PREPARATION: 6 h/ SERVING SIZE: classic baking tray 30x40 cm