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the team in apulia




I was born in Puglia and spent 20 years of my life in northern Italy, in Bologna, where I studied and worked in the world of contemporary art.

Since 2011 I live in Berlin and in 2015 I started the project Pastamadre, a small seed that became a successful business.

In meditation I found a powerful tool to train my ability to be present to what is going on inside me, moment by moment.
Thanks to these patient and loving practices, I am learning that life is neither in the past nor in the future, but only in the present, in the HERE and NOW. Day by day I learn to deal with what is at the very moment.

I am learning to look inside myself with increasing awareness, to bring my dark side to light and to remain true to my inner truth.


Through mindfulness practices, I recognize how I relate first to myself and then to the world outside of me with increasing calm, understanding, kindness and compassion. And day by day I experience anew that challenges and difficulties are what life offers us as an opportunity to go beyond our comfort zone and grow.

Maria-Lucrezia's journey




I am an original-born Berliner - and a "wanderer between the worlds". I have made it my mission to make differences fruitful for each other.

As a trained electrician, trade union secretary, management consultant and employee in the kubus science shop at the TU Berlin, I am "at home in many worlds". For over 30 years I have been designing and conducting seminars and workshops on sustainable development, self-awareness and communication skills.

In the course of my life, I have discovered intense moments of silence as a great treasure for me. I began to explore meditation and tantra intensively.

Today, my morning meditation in silence has become a regular part of my daily routine. At some point I realized that making jam, baking bread - preparing food in general - relaxes me when I'm too much in my head again, when the days get too "dense". 


That was the step towards my "meditating without a meditation cushion": processing seasonal fruit and vegetables, for me that also means consciously experiencing the course of the seasons. This awareness is the essence of meditation for me.

Frank's journey




I was born in Apulia and since I can remember music and drumsticks have been part of my life.


It was precisely this power of music that led me to Berlin in 1994, where sound experimentation became the guiding principle of my artistic research. The result was that I collaborated with much of the experimental avant-garde scene in the German capital.


Over the years, I developed my research even further: parallel to my work as a percussionist, I began to develop my study of sound into a holistic therapeutic discipline and deepened my meditation and Nada Yoga (Yoga of Sound) practice.​


Along this path of development, I studied various masters of the Tibetan Dzogchen tradition such as Chogyal Namkai Norbu and Ringu Tulku Rimpoche, as well as the writings of many philosophers and mystics such as Krishnamurti and Osho.​


The therapeutic power of sound is unimaginable.  The many ways it can be used for inner and outer well-being is an exciting field of research for me that knows no boundaries.


I practice Reiki and lead sound meditations with Tibetan singing bowls, gongs and frame drums.




I was born in Italy, in Modena, but southern blood runs in my veins. My mother's family comes from Salento - the lowest tip of the Italian boot.

As a Sagittarius with Aquarius ascendant, I have spent a good part of my life on the road, restlessly searching for a new destination.

I felt rootless for a long time. In search of a place to belong, I moved to Berlin in 2011. Here I was welcomed by a wonderful big "family" and at the same time worked on creating my own family.

In 2013 Libero Giovanni, my first son, arrived like a light that illuminates the sky. Thanks to motherhood and the precious people I met along the way, I began to look inward and turn what I used to think was my weakness into my strength, adapting my organizational qualities to different professional fields, from art galleries to music festivals, from real estate to events....


To this day, I'm always jumping from one thing to another, but I'm happy and grateful to be able to do it and enjoy the endless opportunities it gives me.

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