our mission

Educating healthy food habits.

Pastamadre is a project designed to reevaluate food as a dynamic force which interacts with humans on different levels: what and how you eat hold the keys to physical, emotional, spiritual, and social well-being.

Nowadays, traditional food fermentation and simple cooking techniques (which mostly centred around fresh, seasonal and local ingredients) are becoming a lost art.

At Pastamadre, we practise all these ideas with love and respect for the Mediterranean food traditions, but always keep a critical and creative approach to them.

my own pasta-madre (before)

why pastamadre?

To us pasta-madre is one of the best examples of how a natural process, combined with a traditional hands-on application which is deeply rooted in our cultural history, can result in a food full of delicious flavours and is extremely rich in both nutrients and health benefits!

Pasta-madre is the Italian word for sourdough. It is a culture of wild/natural bacteria and yeasts that live harmoniously together in a mixture of flour and water. Ancient Egyptians first introduced it as a leavening agent to produce bread and its usage has accompanied humanity throughout history to the present day.

Pasta-madre is a microcosm of many natural microorganisms that come from the environment, which grow and multiply by metabolizing sugars and other nutrients obtained from the flour. If it is properly fed and preserved, it could live forever; handed down from one generation to another.




my own sourdough-bread (after)



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