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The Geometry of Pasta

Thanks to a suggestion of a dear friend of mine, I've just got a copy of this little jewel: The Geometry of pasta.

This book is a great example how well a contemporary design can match the Italian pasta tradition.

Geometry, history and recipes, is what you will find browsing through the pages of this particular cookbook.

The concept of the book is that "Pasta it's a simple thing", of course, mostly made from wheat and water, but what makes it such a particular and sublime food is definitively its


Every pasta shape has a history, a story to tell and an affinity with particular condiments or sauces. These shapes have evolved alongside the flavours of local ingredients, and every geometry, size, surface, was designed such as to meet and embrace appropriately the different sauces, which can turn accordingly an ordinary dish in something exceptional.

The Geometry of Pasta is conceived as an alphabetic list of several different pasta shapes, interrelated with the history of each one and few representative recipes.

What really makes me in love with this book is the graphic style that uses simple, flat, geometric black-and-white drawings. Every pasta shape is rendered in its essential form catching the differences and the individual characteristics.

The last gem is the cover, which is a folded poster, and when fully opened shows all the pasta shapes that are included in the book.

Here a nice animated recipe from the book website

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